Nanna Navntoft selected for Young Danish Photography 2020

Each year, Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen creates an exhibition that highlights young Danish photography. This year, Nanna Navntoft is among the seven photographers selected for the exhibition.

Lars sleeps with a mask that creates a vacuum and helps him breathe during his sleep. Without the mask he stops breathing in long periods of time while sleeping. Sleep apnea is a frequent sequela to severe overweight. “I have been in the health care system for more than 20 years and nothing has helped me. I guess you can say that I have lost my motivation. The fact that I also suffer from depression probably also have a great deal to with how I eat and treat myself. This isn’t solved with a surgery in my stomach. I am certain that I will only become even more sick.”
Picture from Nanna Navntoft’s BA project made in the fall 2019.

Nanna Navntoft will be exhibiting some of her work that covers the human consequences of Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and over eating. Nanna has worked on the topic for around two years. She made her first stories during her internship at Politiken, then she continued during her exchange study at KABK in The Hague and finally her BA-project “Day 1” focussed on men, who suffered from over eating.

“My common sense tells me it is totally crazy, and it is sick what I do. But I can’t help it. I just simply don’t know what to do about it.” The box with candy in the closet is one Heidi had her boyfriend make. There are two strips in the one end and two padlocks in the other. Only her boyfriend knows where the keys are. Heidi can’t control what she eats and especially not at home. She is really sorry that her boyfriend can’t have any sweets in the house without her eating it. Sometimes she will get up at night when he sleeps to eat his Nutella. She then tries to soften it out, so it looks like she hasn’t been eating from it. But it shows, and she buys a new one. And it all starts over again.
Picture from Nanna Navntoft’s
project made during her internship at Politiken.

Young Danish Photography 2020 opens on the 4th of September at 5pm and runs untill the 18th of October at Fotografisk Center, Staldgade 16, Copenhagen.

The exhibition will move to Phototek Esbjerg where it will be shown in the period 15th of January to 1st of May 2021.

Fotografisk Center has curated the exhibition in collaboration with Sarah Giersing from The National Collection of Photography, Royal Danish Library.

“I was teased to the point I vowed not to eat a meal in school. I had one muffin a day, but it was not enough, so I ate the paper too”. Eve used to suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. But luckily she retrieved the right therapy for her, and no longer suffers from it.
Portrait by Nanna Navntoft made during her exchange study at KABK in The Hague.