Benjamin Nørskov on EPA exhibition-tour in Sweden

One year ago, Benjamin Nørskov opened his first “EPA, Sweden” exhibition at Värmland’s Museum in Karlstad. This Saturday, he opened a new exhibition at Jönköpings Läns Museum and next month, “EPA, Sweden” can be seen at Abecita Arts Museum in Borås.

“EPA, Sweden” at Jönköpings Läns Museum opened Saturday the 12th of September
and can be seen until 1st of November.
Photo: Benjamin Nørskov

EPA, Sweden are stories about youngsters in Sweden, who according to the law can drive EPA tractors on the roads if the cars aren’t capable of driving faster than 30km/t. The Swedish girls and boys in the rural areas of Sweden express their creativity and pride through this possibility of modifying ordinary cars and trucks into personal EPA tractors.

Benjanmin Nørskov and his father mounted all the exhibition prints
in his father’s garage in Sweden.
Photo: Astrid Nielsen
Mounting one exhibition print.

Benjamin Nørskov started the “EPA, Sweden” project during his 7th term in the spring 2018 as a part of our Youth in Europe workshop and continued to work on the story during his 8th term. After his first exhibition a year ago in Karlstad, Benjamin has been back in Sweden to portray even more youngsters. The two new exhibitions consists of both old and new pictures.

Benjamin Nørskov’s girlfriend, Astrid Nielsen making the
exhibition prints ready for hanging.
Photo: Benjamin Nørskov

EPA, Sweden will also be exhibited at Abecita Arts Museum in Borås from the 22nd of October, so Benjamin must produce one more identical exhibition for this museum.

An original EPA tractor welcomes the guests at Jönköpings Läns Museum.
Photo: Benjamin Nørskov

Benjamin’s EPA, Sweden project has received a lot of attention in Sweden. In November 2019, he was invited to the Swedish Parliament, Riksdagen, where Lars Mejern Larsson, member of Riksdagen for the Social Demokrats and spokesman of cultural affairs had invited Benjamin to Stockholm to talk about his project. At Jönköpings Läns Museum, both Jönköping Posten og the Swedish P4 radio interviewed Benjamin.

Simon Henriksen, one of the portrayed EPA owners visited the exhibition
and found the image of himself.
Photo: Benjamin Nørskov
As part of the exhibition at Jönköpings Läns Museum,
Benjamin Nørskov has arranged a wall full of the “Wunderbaums”,
just like the youngsters have in their cars.
Photo: Benjamin Nørskov