Three lectures to prepare the students for their final projects

During the days, we have had a series of lectures to prepare our students for their final BA and diploma projects.
The first talk was with Sara Galbiati, Tobias Selnæs and Peter Helles, who shared the process of making their up-coming book, The Merge.

Sara Galbiati talking during today’s lecture. The three photographers explained how they researched their project “The Merge” and how they have worked with it as a group.
Photo: Søren Pagter
During the lecture, Tobias, Sara ands Peter showed both selected images and outtakes
from their project “The Merge” while they explained about the editing process.
Photo: Søren Pagter

The next two lectures were held by Alixandra Fazzina, Noor Images and Mads Nissen from Panos and Politiken.

After these talks, the students have now begun to work on their final BA projects and will receive individual coaching during the process in the next couple of months.

Alixandra Fazzina gave her talks online to the students,
who had gathered in the auditorium to follow the teaching.
Photo: Søren Pagter
Student Celina Dahl listening to Alixandra Fazzina’s answer to a question raised by Celina.
As a part of her talks, Alixandra gave examples of how to focus and pitch a story.
Photo: Søren Pagter
Mads Nissen during his talk, where he exemplied different story types
and showed how he structured his own long term projects.
Photo: Søren Pagter