Nanna Navntoft has received “Kravlingprisen”

At the award ceremony Saturday evening October 10, Nanna Navntoft received this year’s “Kravlingprisen” in the photography category.

Nanna Navntoft on stage to received “Kravlingprisen” at Bremen Theater in Copenhagen
this Saturday the 10th of October.
Photo: Thomas Borberg

Nanna Navtoft received the prize for her long term project about Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and over eating. Nanna has worked on the topic for around two years. She made her first stories during her internship at Politiken, then she continued during her exchange study at KABK in The Hague and finally her BA-project “Day 1” focussed on men, who suffered from over eating.

With the prize, Nanna Navntoft received 10,000 Danish Kroner.

Lars sleeps with a mask that creates a vacuum and helps him breathe during his sleep. Without the mask he stops breathing in long periods of time while sleeping. Sleep apnea is a frequent sequela to severe overweight. “I have been in the health care system for more than 20 years and nothing has helped me. I guess you can say that I have lost my motivation. The fact that I also suffer from depression probably also have a great deal to with how I eat and treat myself. This isn’t solved with a surgery in my stomach. I am certain that I will only become even more sick.”
Picture by Nanna Navntoft from her BA-project focussing on men and over eating.

The other nominated students were all from DMJX photojournalism:
– Sofie Mathiassen, with ’Men størst er kærligheden’
– Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker with ’De prøvede at skære smerten væk’
– Valdemar Ren and Jesper Houborg with ’Green Gold’
– Louise Herrche Serup with ’Syg i hovedet’

“Kravlingprisen” are awards handed out once a year and is open to all Danish media students. There are prizes in four categories: Design, Communication, Journalism and Photography.