Søren Pagter in live talkshow

Wednesday the 5th of April, Søren Pagter was a guest in the live talk-show “Degn’s Saloon” that was held for the first time in the town of Randers. The head of the photojournalism programmes was interviewed about his view on documentary photography and his work teaching at DMJX.

The live talk-show Degn’s Saloon was held in the community house “Fritidscentret” in Randers. The host was the Danish television star Christian Degn, who had invited two guests for the talk-show: the politician Inger Støjberg and Søren Pagter. Photo: Kristian Fredslund.

The talk-show was designed as a cowboy saloon and Søren Pagter’s boots fitted the theme. Photo: Kristian Fredslund.

More than 200 guests came for the evening talk-show that included dinner, interviews, songs and questions from the audience. Photo: Kristian Fredslund.