Manuel Seoane exhibits his Diploma Project in the center of La Paz, Bolivia

Manuel Seoane is right now exhibiting his Diploma Project Panoramics of Disaster in the main center of La Paz, Bolivia.

Panoramics of Disaster is on show at the end of El Prado, which is the main avenue of La Paz.
Photo: Manuel Seonae.

The little square where the photos are exhibited is called Plaza del Estudiante (Student’s Square) and it is next to the public university’s main building, where around 70 thousand students have classes daily. Photo: Manuel Seoane.

Manuel Seoane was a runner-up of the ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award last year and received a grant to make the exhibition Panoramics of Disaster. Photo: Manuel Seoane.

The exhibition is being held for 5 days, started on Monday 10th and will finish on Friday 15th of December 2023. Photo: Manuel Seoane.