Søren Pagter on the controversy of the manipulated image from the British Royal Family

Søren Pagter has in the recent week been interviewed for various Danish Media about the controversy of the manipulated family picture of the British Princess Kate and her children.

Sunday, March 17, Søren Pagter participated in “Presselogen” at the Danish broadcast station TV2 News talking about how the manipulated picture from the Britisk Royal family undermines our trust in the royal institution. Photo from the Tv debate.

Søren Pagter has participated in the Danish TV broadcast stations DR and in “Presselogen” at TV2 News (the above image). He has been interviewed for the magazine Journalisten and for the Danish newspaper BT, where he also was a part of the podcast “Kongehuset bag kulissen”.

This Tuesday March 19, he will be part of Radio4’s Evening Radio to talk about the same topic.