Book launch of a 25 years old BA-project

25 years ago, Casper Dalhoff made his final BA-project about the life at the Village Sølund, a residential facility for adults with a significant and permanently reduced level of physical and mental functioning.
Tomorrow, Wednesday May 8, Casper Dalhoff will launch the book Normal with images from Sølund.

Cover of the book Normal by Casper Dalhoff. The book will be released Wednesday May 8 with an event at the Village Sølund.

After his graduation from DMJX in 1999, Casper Dalhoff continued to visit and photograph at Sølund on and off in the following years – always with the hope that one day the stories could be told in a book format.

Wednesday, May 8, this dream comes through when Casper Dalhoff is releasing his book Normal with an event at the Village Sølund.

At the event, the images will be projected by PixlArt upon the white buildings of the Village Sølund accompanied by a brand new song made for the project by the Danish singer-songwriter Peter Sommer.

Images from the book Normal that will be release May 8.
The book can be preordered at BookLab.

Publisher Søren Hørdum from BookLab (left) together Casper Dalhoff and Rune Pedersen checking the print quality at the printing of the book in Riga. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX
Casper Dalhoff comparing prints during the printing of the book in Riga, Latvia.
Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX
Søren Pagter (left) and Casper Dalhoff discussing ideas for the book cover.

Normal is published by BookLab.
The graphical design is made by Spine Studio.
Søren Pagter has been the picture editor and Rune Pedersen has been the technical consultant.