Mads Andreas Frost’s BA-project in Jyllands-Posten

Mads Andreas Frost graduated this spring 2023 with stories about three people, who wish they could receive active euthanasia in their homes. Sunday August 20, Jyllands-posten published Mads Andreas Frost’s stories and images.

The 43-year old Jens Mulvad has saved money, so he can go to Belgium and receive euthanasia. But, he has promised his mother to wait till she has died. His mother hopes, he will change his mind even though she knows that his life hasn’t been easy. Photo: Mads Andreas Frost.

Front pages from Jyllands-posten Sunday, August 20 with Mads Andreas Frost’s three stories about Jette, Jens and Winnie, who wish they could decide for themselves when they’re going to die. Photo Mads Andreas Frost.

Opening spread from Jyllands-posten Sunday, August 20. Photo: Mads Andreas Frost.

Mads Andreas Frost’s story is both available on print and online at
Photo: Mads Andreas Frost